INDIEWIRE: Josh Lucas Puts a Dizzying Spin on Sibling Relationships in Exclusive ‘The Mend’ Trailer


By Sarah Choi
July 24, 2015

Sibling dysfunction never looked so good.

Making his feature film debut, John Magary stunned audiences at last year’s SXSW festival with his acerbic and strange sibling comedy, “The Mend.” The film was especially noted for Josh Lucas’ career-defining role as Mat, a volatile and self destructive man who attempts to build a stronger relationship with his more put-together brother, Alan (Stephen Plunkett.) Lucas’ stellar performance as Mat has already stirred up some awards buzz, and showcases his ability to play complicated and difficult characters.

The film unravels in three distinct acts, each part with its own stylistic and rhythmic uniqueness, which is already evident through the equally exclusive pulsating trailer. Check it out above, and catch a glimpse of the hilarity, drama and absurdity of “The Mend.”